Legal Content

Legal blogs, web copy, newsletters, social media posts. Just like any other business with an online presence, your law firm needs great digital content.

Website content that defines your law firm

In the crowded online legal marketplace, your website needs to stand out. Functionality, design and content all play a part in this. Write Legal specialises in creating web copy that both reflects and defines your business, helping your firm to stand out.

  • Search Engine Optimisation is a key activity for any business using a website as a marketing tool. Your content needs to incorporate relevant keywords in a way that doesn’t come across as laboured.
  • Engaging your clients and potential clients so that they choose your firm over the others sits alongside SEO. There’s no point being top of the Google searches if your content doesn’t hold your visitors’ attention.
Write Legal specialises writing copy for legal websites.

We work with web developers to create legal websites from scratch, analysing what makes your firm stand out from the crowd and creating web content to reflect your law firm’s ethos.

  • Original online content gives your law firm the edge in a crowded, online market place. A professional copywriter can step back and see your legal business as a whole, identify your clients, then create website copy to match.
  • Using a copywriter with a legal background means you will be working with someone who understands you and the market place you are working in. Legal services are incredibly competitive – Write Legal can give you the edge
Regular blogging keeps your website fresh

Once your website is up and running, you need to keep it up to date. Legal blogging means you are adding new content to your website on a regular basis, great for SEO. You can also establish your knowledge and expertise in the particular areas of law your firm specialises in.

  • Write Legal provides a blogging service for law firms, delivering original content tailored to your areas of practice and your clients.
  • Working with someone who has worked as a lawyer means that your blogs can go into greater depth than those written by a copywriter with no legal background. You also keep your fee earners free to concentrate on what they are good at, rather than struggling to write blogs for the website.
Social media content supports your online strategy

Whichever social media platforms you use to promote your law firm online, finding content to keep your feeds populated can be a struggle. Write Legal offers a content service focused on researching relevant content – news articles, case reports and industry comment – and preparing social media posts tailored to the platforms your firm uses.